The creators of Babel Street have extensive analytic, linguistic, and technical backgrounds. Babel Street technology follows in the great legacy of technologies developed out of and for a need of a community long plagued by the need to triage vast amounts of data. We know the challenges you face. And our experiences led us to develop solutions to the ever-mounting problem of data over load stemming from the increased volume, velocity, and variety of information creation.
Babel Street is a dynamic, privately-owned company. We work hard, cultivate innovation, and consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. Our executives and analysts have experience providing cultural, political, situational awareness, market analysis, monitoring, and advisory services. We are always looking for energetic, innovative professionals to join our team.

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Babel Street recognizes the power of partnerships. We use an API to integrate information from a variety of sources to power our engine. If you are a data provider, social media entity, news organization, or are involved in other areas of information sharing services, we are interested in talking to you.

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