Babel Street creates a 360° panorama of your data landscape. Collect, analyze, monitor, and report on information from online and private electronic sources. Babel Street is a virtual data interpreter, allowing source location, language, and sentiment to inform search and analysis.

Data volume, velocity, and variety can impede the ability to locate, analyze, and act on information. Babel Street solutions provide you with a virtual data interpreter. Babel Street helps you answer “why,” “when,” “where,” “how,” “who,” and “what” by transforming data into actionable intelligence. Streamline your workload while simultaneously deepening and broadening your search and analysis.

Are you in charge of security for a major public event? Performing a competitive analysis for a Fortune 500? Managing a large number of social media sites? Executing due-diligence for an upcoming legal case? Analyzing data from a wide variety of sources? If you aren’t using Babel Street you aren’t seeing the whole picture. With Babel Street solutions you get the most powerful and sophisticated technology available for e-data search, analysis, and more.
Did you know?
Information communication technologies are the central driving force across today’s economy, with growth and magnitude of the Internet infrastructure over the past two decades rivaling the mid-19th century steel industry.