How is Babel Street different?
Babel Street products combine the best features of search and data analytic engines. Babel Street products offer you a single console for mining electronic data sources, monitoring traditional and social media outlets, geo-locating entities, producing semantic analytics, crowd-sourcing information, and performing cross-language searches. By leveraging a robust, flexible architecture and programming interface, Babel Street reduces the number of tools and time needed to create actionable output. Learn More
What do I need to use Babel Street products?
Nothing special is required. Once you are a licensed user, you can log in from a computer or Internet-connected device with a browser. For more information, please Contact Us.
Which Babel Street product is right for me?
Check out the product descriptions. If you can't find all the information you need on our website, please Contact Us.
What about pricing?
Please Contact Us for additional information about product pricing.
What is Babel X?
Babel X is an intelligent, cloud-based engine that generates real-time information by actively monitoring and analyzing user-defined Internet and e-data sources - be it public or private - through advanced statistical, linguistic, and crowd sourcing techniques. Babel X leverages a sophisticated and flexible technology while providing you with a simple and dynamic user interface. Different user licenses are available.
Do you have different kinds of accounts?
Yes, we have business accounts to support a variety of levels and needs. Our Babel X solution is offered at Basic, Pro, and Enterprise capacities. We also have Babel Sentry for market research and marketing customers. Babel Discover is for those customers interested in triage large quantities of electronic data. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the solution that fits your needs.
Do you have partnership opportunities?
We are very interested in speaking with companies about partnerships to enhance our service and product offerings. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in pursuing a possible partnership.
How much data can Babel X handle?
Babel X is a fully scalable Big Data solution.
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