Babel Street employs some of the most experienced and effective intelligence and data analysts in the world. Leverage Babel Street services for Internet due diligence, linguistic research & development, tailored contextual searches, intelligence analysis, market research, customer experience enhancement, foreign media analysis, and data interpretation.

Babel Street expertise supplements resource-constrained organizations when it comes to making sense of their data landscape. Using Babel Street’s exclusive technology, our analysts can provide unparalleled Internet due diligence. Our analysts use Babel Street technology to provide detailed reports on information of interest. We characterize ideological and political orientation, web footprint, and topical trend analysis.   Our analysts understand the foundation of linguistic relationships is defined by lexical relationships. We can build tailored lexicons in over 200 languages for searching across the web or large, unstructured data repositories where current search functions fail to capture all relevant intelligence.

Babel Street technology allows our analysts to monitor, analyze, and gauge perceptions of our clients' information and messaging efforts from an exclusive repository of traditional and social media outlets from around the world. Media content is not translated by analysts, but rather is analyzed in its native language giving a more precise explanation of content and applicability. You can use this information for intelligence activities, to your competitive advantage, or leverage it to enhance your own products and media output.

Did you know?
About 4 billion of the earth's 6.5 billion people, or over 60% of the earth's population, speak one of 30 languages as their native tongue.
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