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Environmental Oversight

Spot illegal wildlife trade and protect endangered species.



Illegal wildlife trafficking is big business – with low risk and high returns. The poaching or the illegal trade of protected or managed species has become an international crisis in the past decade.


Consequences are grave and wide-ranging – from the extinction of many species, to disrupted ecosystems that were once home to the wildlife, to lost resources in the impacted communities to the larger threats posed against humans when terrorist networks are involved.


Our Solution

Babel Street’s analytics platform offers an AI-enabled cross-lingual, persistent search of thousands of global and regional PAI sources around the world in over 200 languages to rapidly discover and decipher threats to operating bases, and marked changes in foreign military presence in countries of interest. 

World 2x

Babel Street empowers teams with actionable insights to spot wildlife trafficking and trace the sources of the illegal activity.

  • Credible leads
  • Posted ads
  • Persons of interest (POIs)
  • Groups of interest (GOIs)
  • Images/videos of interest
  • Last known locations
  • Timelines
  • Clustered views

Mission Impact

Environmental oversight aims to stop illegal wildlife trade in its tracks and protect endangered species from harm.