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Why Babel Street

Babel Street stands apart from the industry with its patented, AI-enabled, linguistics technology coupled with outstanding customer service.

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Leading AI-Enabled Patented Analytics Platform

Babel Street empowers teams with critical insights on a single pane of glass for analysis, action, and mission success.

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Unique Multi- & Cross-lingual Persistent Search Powered By AI

Babel Street utilizes a state-of-the-art linguistics technology to discover and decipher actionable insights.

Innovative Data-to-knowledge Transformation Process

Babel Street offers a dynamic and configurable ecosystem to discover, curate, and enrich diverse, multilingual data in real time.

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Perpetual Innovation

Babel Street constantly innovates to improve the customer experience.

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Principled Data Stewardship

Babel Street believes in data as a force for good and we are responsible stewards of that data.

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Outstanding Mission-Focused Customer Service

Babel Street does not let our customers fail.