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AI-powered Insights Platform - The Future of Decision Intelligence

Leading organizations count on the AI-Powered Babel Street Insights Platform to minimize risks and maximize outcomes.

Babel Street Analytics Platform

What Sets Us Apart

Transform data to knowledge

Babel Street Insights brings you the leading AI-enabled data-to-knowledge platform so you can unlock the most insights that matter in time to act.

Multi lingual Analysis-Ready Data

Gain instant access to billions of enriched and standardized, publicly available documents from the world’s largest PAI data library.

Automation Multi-Language Smart Search

Remove global language barriers through patented, AI-enabled smart search using the most powerful cross-lingual capabilities available.

Source access Seamless End-to-End Workflow

Optimize and support key analyst activities with a clear, rapid process for searching, reviewing, and reporting results, all in a single interface.

Powerful apis Powerful APIs and Applications

Gain faster insights with plug-and-play enriched, standardized data sets that offer complete interoperability into existing systems.

Experience Zero-Training Required

Dive-in and start working immediately, with an intuitive interface that maximizes analysis time and minimizes the learning curve.

Stewardship Best-in-Class Experience

Drive business success backed by decades of experience with the Fortune 5000, Department of Defense, and Public Sectors.

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Platform Anatomy

Unlike any data analytics tool you’ve ever used

Your Decision Intelligence Platform

Minimize risk, maximize performance, and make confident decisions

Expansive Search Capabilities, Broad Data Access, and Powerful Enrichments Fuel a Wide Variety of Use Cases for Government and Commercial on a Single Platform

  • Checkmark icon Situational Awareness
  • Checkmark icon Threat Intelligence
  • Checkmark icon Investigations
  • Checkmark icon Insider Threat
  • Checkmark icon Event / Executive Protection
  • Checkmark icon Visa Screening
  • Checkmark icon Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Insights APIs

Unleash the full power of publicly available information on any interface

Insights APIs make it easy to deploy, manage, and distribute enriched publicly available information to any interface, including data lakes and internal applications.

  • Checkmark icon Document API: Continuously Integrate Extensive Data Sources to Make Data-Driven Decisions at Scale
  • Checkmark icon Identity API: Advance Security Operations with Automated, Accurate, and Comprehensive PAI
  • Checkmark icon Channels API: Timely, Precise Situational Awareness with Local Perspective from Around the Globe
Private Cloud

Get access to private cloud-based search and enrichments

Enable secure, containerized application deployment, as well as the ability to enrich your owned data with PAI for enhanced discovery.

Enhanced Professional Services

Take threat intelligence, identity and risk management to the next level

Expert guidance and support so you can deliver dynamic solutions and improved outcomes at lightning speed.

  • Checkmark icon Dedicated Solution Engineers
  • Checkmark icon Personalized Onboarding
  • Checkmark icon Early Access to Platform Innovations
  • Checkmark icon Personalized Design and Support Services
  • Checkmark icon Regular Solution Health Checks
  • Checkmark icon Babel Street Community + Help Center
  • Checkmark icon In-Person Expert Guidance
Advanced PAI Analytics

Millions of PAI data sources in hundreds of languages

Puts big data PAI at your fingertips to gain faster insight with enriched data on location, language, sentiment, intent, topics, and more through an intuitive web application.

  • Checkmark icon Automated Screening Process
  • Checkmark icon Unprecedented Source Access
  • Checkmark icon Multi-Language Smart Search
  • Checkmark icon OOTB Data Standardization
  • Checkmark icon Plug-and-Play Enriched Data Sets
  • Checkmark icon Robust Location Analytics
  • Checkmark icon Always-on Persistent Search
  • Checkmark icon Custom Alerting
Decision Intelligence

Unmatched data access and stewardship

A constantly growing data collection for an ever-changing world, Babel Street Insights accesses over 500 Petabytes of data daily.

  • Checkmark icon Expert evaluation and agile acquisition
  • Checkmark icon Access to the most comprehensive and diverse set of data available
  • Checkmark icon Continuous discovery of data sources
  • Checkmark icon Responsible data stewardship
  • Checkmark icon Customizable options for specific compliance requirements

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Platform Features

The new standard for cloud-based AI-enabled data insights

Our full-featured, cloud-based, SaaS solution makes it easy for law enforcement institutions, government agencies, and businesses to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

Rapid Access to Insights icon

Rapid Access to Insights

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Gain immediate access to billions of documents for instant indexing and search, and easily refine focus areas with on-demand iterative search to ensure you access the most relevant information you need.

User-Friendly Workflows icon

User-Friendly Workflows

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Optimize and support key analyst activities with a clear, rapid process for searching, reviewing, and reporting results, that streamlines their entire workflow. Additionally, a simple one-click process activates automated, persistent search, along with the ability to store key findings in created projects.

Revolutionary Design and Interface icon

Revolutionary Design and Interface

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Experience a sleek, modern design that makes navigation and usage effortless. Our intuitive platform requires zero training, allowing users to dive in and start working immediately, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing downtime.

Babel Street Platform
Babel Street AI-enabled data Insights
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Babel Street Platform

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U.S. Pro Sports Leagues

Major U.S. pro sports relied on Babel Street solutions


U.S. National Security Agencies

Total agencies who have partnered with Babel Street


Comprehensive Data Sources

Widest range across an ever-expanding digital landscape


Documents Processed Per Day

Feeding the Babel Data Library to keep you on the cutting edge of information

Real-World Solutions

Discover how Babel Street is being implemented

Our full-featured, cloud-based, SaaS solution allows for easy deployment, no user maintenance, and constantly updated security.

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How will you use Babel Street?

Let’s talk about how your organization can benefit from AI-powered data to mitigate risk and maximize your efficiency and decision-making.
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