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Platform Overview

A leading AI-enabled patented analytics platform.


As an industry leader for almost a decade, Babel Street’s AI-enabled patented analytics platform empowers teams with critical and timely insights on a single pane of glass for analysis, action, and mission success.

Babel Street offers a state-of the-art linguistics technology to discover and decipher actionable insights which is a force multiplier enabling customer missions around the world. All publicly available or customer-provided data is rapidly enriched and transformed into insights. 

Our AI-enabled persistent search of information in 200+ languages from all around the world enables the discovery, enrichment, and translation of insights that matter most to you unbound by origin or language. With one of the largest proprietary ontologies in the world, we go well beyond simple machine translations to interpret critical nuances.


Babel Street’s analytics platform is a single gateway to an end-to-end experience for digital data enrichment and data-to-knowledge transformation, visualization, analysis, and collaboration. Our highly flexible, fully scalable, AI/ML-powered platform gets smarter every day with cutting-edge analytics including large-scale discovery, network analysis, and geospatial augmentation – and is available as desktop, on-premise or mobile applications.

Our full-featured, cloud-based, SaaS solution allows for easy deployment, no user maintenance, and constantly updated security.

Babel Street Platform Portfolio

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“The problems we solve for our customers continue to evolve – that is why we are committed to perpetual innovation.”

Bryan Ware, Chief Product Officer