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Babel Street Data

An Expansive Array of Raw and Curated Data

With advanced technology and deep analysis expertise, Babel Street Data helps transform data into robust intelligence for data-driven decision making.

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What Sets Us Apart

Find, assess, and frame information and insights

Our mature collection methodology and proprietary technology give you access to a massive amount of globally available open-source data from hard-to-reach sources.

Automation Vast library of collections across industries

Raw and refined data collections span numerous industries, including automotive, retail, real estate, semiconductors, and more.

Multi lingual Global scale and scope

Access data from hard-to-reach sources through consistent collection of global public data sources at scale for ongoing analysis and monitoring.

Check Rigorous compliance and security

We are committed to ethical data sourcing. Our storage infrastructure meets the highest standards for safety and security.

Stewardship Continuous updates and enrichment

Custom web crawling scripts run at frequent intervals to ensure data is current, while ongoing enrichment maintains quality and accuracy.

Powerful apis Mature, stable collections infrastructure

Built over 18 years, with IPs in over 95 countries, our collections infrastructure provides access to localized perspectives, insights, and intelligence worldwide.

Source access Historical data

Our massive library of archived data products contains rich historical data that enables time-series analysis and back-testing.


Deep understanding of data sources and collection methodologies

Address complex challenges with specialized data

Raw Collections

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Raw data is collected from thousands of public websites across an unparalleled number of industries and categories. Data analysts use our Raw Collections to help them solve problems and fuel data-driven decision making.

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Refined Information

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For a Refined Information set, our raw data is cleansed, normalized, enriched, and aggregated to help meet specific challenges with data that’s readily digestible and easier to interpret.

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Custom Data Collection and Analysis

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Babel Street Strategic Intelligence Specialists work directly with customers to solve complex data collection and analysis problems.

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How will you use Babel Street Data for data-driven decision making?

Discuss your data collection and analysis challenges with one of our experts and learn how Babel Street can help.

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