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The World’s Leading AI-Enabled Data-to-Knowledge Company

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We are a force for good. We create groundbreaking technology for that purpose. We put our customers first and we do not let them fail.

Our Platform


Babel Street's platform helps you interpret real-time data, so you can make clear, decisive decisions that impact the mission. See how we're helping government and commercial institutions manage and mitigate risk while driving improved outcomes through data and contextual search.

Our Story

We CREATE and INNOVATE beyond what is thought possible.


We pioneered an AI-enabled analytics platform as a single gateway to transform the world’s data into knowledge regardless of language in real time. We democratize understanding of an unprecedented array of content from around the world – from publicly and commercially available information and our customers’ own data. We ingest and enrich data to deliver only what is most relevant and timely to our customers' mission. And we constantly innovate since our customers' missions evolve. Finally, we understand a powerful platform comes with great responsibility. We are guided by a strong corporate ethos.

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We ANALYZE and INTERPRET the world’s languages and data in real time.


We take customers queries and expand them across more than 200 languages using a patented, AI/ML driven process. We seamlessly execute these searches against massive amounts of data from around the globe regardless of language or platform of origin. We perform sentiment analysis in native language. We provide instant translation as needed. In short, we erase the language barrier for our customers.

We SERVE as a force multiplier for public and private sector organizations around the world.


We make your mission our mission … serving and saving lives. Uncovering threats and opportunities – known and unknown, foreign or domestic, physical or cyber. We help customers make the world a safer, more prosperous place.

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Babel Street
Discover. Decipher. Empower.

“My vision was to enable our customers to discover, decipher and empower mission-critical insights in real time.”

Jeff Chapman, Founder