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About Babel Street

We provide the most advanced data analytics and intelligence platform for the world’s most trusted government and commercial organizations.

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The Babel Street Insights Platform

The future of decision intelligence

Leading organizations count on the AI-Powered Babel Street Insights Platform to minimize risks and maximize outcomes.

The Babel Street Difference

Transform data into knowledge

Babel Street Insights brings you the leading AI-enabled data-to-knowledge platform so you can unlock the most insights that matter in time to act.

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  • Checkmark svg Multi-Language Smart Search
  • Checkmark svg Seamless End-to-End Workflow
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  • Checkmark svg Zero-Training Required
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“The Babel Street platform is an incredible law enforcement tool that sharpens targeted operations for police departments facing upticks in violence and recruitment and retention issues."

David P. Glaser, Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army

David P. Glaser

Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army; former Provost Marshal General of the Army

Our Story

Technology built to protect what matters most

Purpose-driven innovation that saves lives, improves decision-making, and makes the world a safer place.

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Babel Street Origins

A vision to transform publicly available data into actionable insights

We pioneered an AI-enabled analytics platform as a single gateway to transform the world’s data into knowledge, regardless of language, in real time. Our unique approach democratized understanding of an unprecedented array of content from around the world and continues to deliver real-time insights to the people working on the front lines to save lives, protect communities, and improve business results.

Who We Are

Our team serves as a force multiplier for public and private sector organizations around the world

From the public sector to the world’s most trusted brands, Babel Street is continuously trusted to dramatically improve speed to insight and drive measurable results. At the heart of it all, we believe in technological innovation as a force for good in the world.

  • Checkmark svg Improving customer decision-making speed and accuracy
  • Checkmark svg Delivering game-changing insights at lightening speeds
  • Checkmark svg Uncovering threats and mitigating risks
  • Checkmark svg Solutions designed to make the world safer
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How will you use Babel Street?

Let’s talk about how your organization can benefit from AI-powered data to mitigate risk and maximize your efficiency and decision-making.
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