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Babel Street Insights

AI-powered Insights - The Future of Decision Intelligence Software

Leading organizations count on AI-powered Babel Street Insights to help detect, assess, and mitigate identity, threat, and operations risks.

Babel Street Analytics Platform

What Sets Us Apart

Unparalleled Access to OSINT Data for Identity and Threat Intelligence

Babel Street Insights delivers advanced AI and data analytics solutions that enable users to search, aggregate, and integrate OSINT data — including publicly and commercially available information (PAI/CAI) — to close the Risk-Confidence Gap.

Multi lingual Global and Ultra-Rare Data

Access a wide range of industry knowledge, global news, social media networks, exclusive in-region content, and surface and dark web.

Automation AI-Powered OSINT Analysis

Leverage AI and machine learning to summarize multilingual data, uncover hidden patterns, and reveal social connections.

Source access Comprehensive Identity Intelligence

Gain a holistic view of individuals and organizations by aggregating publicly available information and resolving identities.

Powerful apis Accelerated Research

Streamline research through a centralized platform for efficient data collection, analysis, and collaboration — with minimal user training.

Experience Secure, Anonymous Investigations

Protect user identities and sensitive investigations with secure, anonymous browsing and location masking.

Stewardship Flexible Integration and Deployment

Get flexible, cloud-based deployment and APIs for seamless integration into existing workflows for diverse organizational needs.

What do you get with Babel Street Insights?

Unlike any data analytics tool you’ve ever used

Your Decision Intelligence Platform

Minimize risk, maximize performance, and make confident decisions

Babel Street Insights equips business leaders and government agencies with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the modern world, enabling informed decisions, risk mitigation, and strategic advantage.

  • Identity, Threat, and Operations Intelligence
  • Situational awareness
  • Investigations
  • Insider threat
  • Investment analysis
  • Identity screening
  • Border security
  • Anti-money laundering/Know your customer (AML/KYC)
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse  
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Advanced Decision Intelligence Software

Unparalleled breadth and depth of global information

Access billions of global data points, enriched with multilingual analysis, AI-powered search, and comprehensive identity resolution to uncover hidden patterns and make informed decisions.

  • In-country and localized data collection for targeted perspectives and nuanced understanding
  • Analyze content in hundreds of languages with integrated translation capabilities
  • Analysis of multiple social media platforms for influence mapping, trending topics, and individual insights
  • Comprehensive identity resolution for a holistic view of people and organizations
  • Metadata enrichment on location, language, sentiment, violent intent, and topics
  • Generative AI for document summarization and analysis
  • Curated feeds for targeted research for deeper analysis
  • Intuitive interface for efficient exploration 
Insights APIs

Unleash the full power of PAI in any system

Insights APIs make it easy to deploy, manage, and distribute enriched publicly available information to any interface, including data lakes and internal applications.

  • Document API: Continuously integrate billions of documents from diverse global sources, including social media, blogs, news, and the dark web to enhance data-driven decisions at scale
  • Identity API: Advance security operations and investigations with access to comprehensive person-based public records and related documents
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Flexible Deployment Options

Use Babel Street Insights your way

Access Insights’ powerful capabilities as a cloud-based solution or leverage comprehensive APIs to seamlessly integrate enriched data into existing systems and workflows for an immediate strategic advantage.

Enhanced Professional Services

Take threat intelligence, identity and risk management to the next level

Expert guidance and support so you can deliver dynamic solutions and improved outcomes at lightning speed.

  • Dedicated solution engineers
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Early access to platform innovations
  • Personalized design and support services
  • Regular solution health checks
  • Babel Street community and help center
  • In-person expert guidance 
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Responsible Data Stewardship

Unmatched, secure data access

Babel Street prioritizes data security and privacy, establishing trust with customers by ensuring responsible use of information while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, and accountability.

  • ISO 27001-certified security
  • Secure and encrypted cloud infrastructure
  • Adherence to ethical and legal standards
  • Focus on ethical data stewardship
  • Continuous data monitoring and validation
  • Data provenance tracking
  • Enable discrete, secure, and anonymous investigations with identity and location protection to uphold organizational security

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Search petabytes of publicly available information from hundreds of millions of websites with intuitive decision intelligence tools that guide the user, and AI that invisibly expands queries and delivers search refinement.

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Managed Attribution

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Conduct anonymous research using an isolated virtual environment, a hardened egress network, and encryption for robust data protection.

Babel Street Platform
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Babel Street Platform

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