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Fraud Detection

Detect and trace the sources of illicit trade.



The downside of globalization is the significant rise in illicit trade around the world. Illicit trade is estimated to cost trillions of dollars globally. No country is spared, although the magnitude of the problem varies.


This rise of illicit trade poses a quadruple threat – to commercial brands, to the economy, society, brands, and global security. Financial gains from illegitimate goods divert revenue from the legitimate economy.


The theft of intellectual property, such as counterfeit drugs and medicines negatively impacts a brand reputation. Moreover, possible links to terrorist financing create increased threats to national and global security.


Our Solution

Babel Street’s analytics platform offers an AI-enabled cross-lingual, persistent search of thousands of global and regional PAI sources around the world in over 200 languages to rapidly discover and decipher insights on any fraudulent activity.

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Babel Street empowers teams with actionable insights to detect and trace the sources of illicit trade and facilitate investigations of commercial fraud and intellectual property theft.

  • Compromised IP
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Persons of interest (POIs)
  • Groups of interest (GOIs)
  • Linkages to nefarious organizations
  • Images of interest
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Loss prevention
  • Brand reputation impact

Mission Impact

Ongoing vigilance of cross-border fraudulent activity helps to safeguard people, their livelihoods and promote legitimate international commerce.