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Babel Street Launches Insights Elite Regional Access, Empowering Customers with Hyper-Focused, Hard-to-Access Regional Knowledge

Babel Street, the world’s leading data-to-insights company, today announced the launch of its latest offering, Insights Elite Regional Access, which provides crucial insights for global decision advantage in mission-critical and continuously evolving situations and use cases. 

Insights Elite Regional Access subscriptions are innovative additions that enhance Babel Street Insights analytics with meticulously curated regional data sets. These specialized data sets are designed to provide customers with unprecedented detail on critical regions worldwide, delivering ultra-rare and hard-to-access data. 

"With the release of Elite Regional Access, we’re empowering our customers to zoom in further on the areas they care about most. [...] These strategic add-ons provide an additional layer of granularity and specificity needed for informed decision-making"

Insights Elite Regional Access is ideal for: 

  • Defense and security professionals who need strategic insights into regional military capabilities, emerging threats, and the defense technology landscape within hard-to-monitor locations.
  • Supply chain and risk managers who need to optimize global operations, protect against regional disruptions, and reduce uncertainty in key markets by utilizing rare data for proactive planning.
  • Global investors and businesses who aspire to make data-driven investment decisions, evaluate regional partnerships, and understand market trends with specialized data.

These strategic capabilities seamlessly integrate with Babel Street’s AI-powered Insights software, enriching the comprehensive global access with targeted insights on communities, events, and trends that are often obscured or completely inaccessible within broader global data sets. Customers can leverage Insights Elite Regional Access to deliver deeper insights that can help mitigate risks, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge in rapidly evolving landscapes. 

“Our Insights platform provides a comprehensive global view and surfaces the insights that matter most. And now, with the release of Elite Regional Access, we’re empowering our customers to zoom in further on the areas they care about most,” said Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street. “Whether it’s tracking defense developments, monitoring supply chain vulnerabilities, or analyzing regional market dynamics, these strategic add-ons provide an additional layer of granularity and specificity needed for informed decision-making – all while prioritizing the secure delivery of sensitive information.” 

Key Features of Insights Elite Regional Access: 

  • Deep-Dive Community Analysis: Uncover the networks, relationships, and innovation hubs shaping key industries and locations, accessing information unavailable elsewhere. 
  • Region-Specific Intelligence: Keep a pulse on the events and conversations that directly impact target areas — often missed when collected outside of the country or region. 
  • Enhanced Risk Assessment: Proactively identify and mitigate regional risks within supply chains or business operations, leveraging hard-to-find insights to stay ahead of potential disruptions.
  • Easy Enablement and Access: Seamlessly integrate and activate within Babel Street Insights, providing immediate access to specialized regional data. 
  • Continuous, Secure Delivery: Insights Elite Regional Access utilizes Babel Street’s secure global infrastructure to protect customers.

Leveraging Babel Street’s recent acquisition of Vertical Knowledge, Insights Elite Regional Access offers exceptionally curated insights and a continuous flow of hard-to-access information. Starting in the second half of this year, Babel Street Insights customers will be able to access deeper insights into pivotal regions such as East Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 

To learn more about Insights Elite Regional Access, please visit 

About Babel Street

Babel Street is the trusted technology partner for the world’s most advanced identity intelligence and risk operations. The Babel Street Insights platform delivers advanced AI and data analytics solutions to close the Risk-Confidence Gap. Babel Street provides unmatched, analysis-ready data regardless of language, proactive risk identification, 360-degree insights, high-speed automation, and seamless integration into existing systems. We empower government and commercial organizations to transform high-stakes identity and risk operations into a strategic advantage.  

Babel Street is headquartered in the U.S., with an established presence in Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, and the U.K. For more information, visit  

Media Contact:

Erin Lutz 
Lutz Public Relations and Marketing (for Babel Street)

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