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Discover Unparalleled AI-powered Insights. Act with Confidence.

Our open-source intelligence solutions empower law enforcement, government agencies, and businesses to save lives and protect what matters most.

Featured Industry Solutions

Transforming industry-specific knowledge at the speed of innovation

Put the most comprehensive range of publicly available information at your fingertips so you can take faster action and gain precision intelligence.


Mission success is our only metric

We provide critical and timely insights that fuel the important responsibilities of federal, state, local, and provincial governments around the world.

  • Checkmark svg Background & Identity Screening
  • Checkmark svg Global Situational Awareness
  • Checkmark svg Cyber Security
  • Checkmark svg Fraud, Waste & Abuse
  • Checkmark svg Intelligence & Counterintelligence
  • Checkmark svg Supply Chain Risk Management
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Keep your business ahead of the curve

Redefine your organization’s approach to threat intelligence, identity, and risk management with Babel Street’s cutting-edge platform.

  • Checkmark svg Business Continuity
  • Checkmark svg Insider Threat Detection
  • Checkmark svg Risk Decision Automation
  • Checkmark svg KYC/KYV Regulation Observance
  • Checkmark svg Intellectual Property Protection
  • Checkmark svg Supply Chain Risk Management
Law Enforcement

Helping the people who keep us safe

Delivering actionable insights that accelerate investigations, unmask suspects, and help solve the toughest cases.

  • Checkmark svg Criminal Investigations
  • Checkmark svg Counter-Narcotics
  • Checkmark svg Human Trafficking Investigations
  • Checkmark svg Illicit Trade & IP Theft
  • Checkmark svg Event & Venue Protection
  • Checkmark svg Force Protection
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Product Support & Services

Tailored guidance and support from Babel Street experts

Babel Street services and support ensure organizations extract the most value from their investment. From implementation to training and execution – our team of seasoned professionals will put you on a path for success.

Professional Services

Set your team up for success and maximize performance

Let our dedicated team help you effectively apply the technology to challenging use cases, enhancing your analysis while improving outcomes.

  • Checkmark svg Dedicated Solution Engineers
  • Checkmark svg Customer Advisory Board Membership
  • Checkmark svg Curated Data Collection
  • Checkmark svg Babel University
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How will you use Babel Street?

Let’s talk about how your organization can benefit from AI-powered data to mitigate risk and maximize your efficiency and decision-making.
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