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From protecting intellectual property to removing risk from your supply chain, Babel Street keeps your company safe.


Data points fed from top-level domains, blogs, social media sites, and more

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Commercial Industry Solutions

The insights businesses rely on to stay one-step ahead in the modern digital age

Babel Street puts the most comprehensive range of publicly available information at your fingertips so you can take faster action and gain precision intelligence.

Continuous Vetting and Background Checks

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We start with the most comprehensive range of publicly available information possible and distill critical, timely insights so you can take faster action. Get more done in less time, with more accurate results.

KYC/KYV Compliance

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Our AI-enabled repeatable process unlocks risks by first automatically screening entities against public records filings, business registration records, and watchlists, followed by a search for social media presence and derogatory activity. This approach creates significant efficiencies and consistency, in less time, with less risk.

Insider Threat

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The constant vigilance our solutions provide acts as an early warning system to identify suspicious activity and allows for the best security countermeasures to guard against future insider threats.

Illicit Trade and IP Protection

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Babel Street enables organizations to always be on watch. Our analytics platform aids in rapid discovery of fraudulent activity, so you can move to shut it down and recover property fast.

Supply Chain Management

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Business continuity depends on your often global supply chain, and it’s only as strong as the weakest link. Our machine learning algorithms constantly monitor hyper-local information where key suppliers conduct business while our expertly curated, tailored information collections keep you informed of breaking news that requires immediate action.
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“The Babel Street platform is an incredible law enforcement tool that sharpens targeted operations for police departments facing upticks in violence and recruitment and retention issues."

Dave Glaser

David P. Glaser

Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army; former Provost Marshal General of the Army

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