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The Babel Street Ecosystem

Babel Street solutions help close the Risk-Confidence Gap.

The Babel Street Ecosystem delivers advanced AI and data solutions to ensure robust protection against evolving threats, mitigate risk, and enhance decision-making confidence.

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Babel Street Analytics

Babel Street Analytics is identity matching software that analyzes multilingual content, revealing hidden insights about people, events, entities, and the sentiments surrounding them.  

Name Match and Text Analytics capabilities provide adaptability, scalability, and speed to streamline complex identity matching and entity resolution processes, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions with certainty while mitigating risk. 

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Babel Street Data

Babel Street Data employs advanced technology and deep analysis expertise to deliver an expansive array of Raw Collections, Refined Information, and curated data across multiple topics, industries, and regions.

Using a secure, scalable framework and ethical practices, Babel Street Data ensures data integrity, quality, and compliance. Raw data is enriched and refined, providing businesses and governments with decision advantage.

Babel Street Insights

Babel Street Insights delivers advanced AI-powered data analytics solutions that enable users to search, aggregate, and integrate data regardless of source, language, and format.

By harnessing AI, Babel Street Insights breaks down language barriers to deliver crucial, multilingual insights from the most comprehensive range of global sources, including the deep and dark web.

Babel Street Analytics Platform

Our Methodology

Transform Data Ingestion, Enrichment, and Use

AI-powered human-machine workflow simplifies processes and eliminates the need for advanced technical skills


The Power of Collection
Gather alternative data from diverse and hard-to-reach global sources


Context is King
Enrich data for deeper, focused insights ready to work for you


Find the Needle
Pinpoint key entities with speed and precision, regardless of language


Connect the Dots
Reveal insights, patterns, and relationships


Prioritize Risks
Drive focus based on impact, likelihood, and tailored criteria

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How will you use Babel Street?

Let’s talk about how your organization can benefit from AI-powered data to mitigate risk and maximize your efficiency and decision-making.
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