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Babel Street Analytics

Adaptable Text Analytics and Identity Matching Software

Streamline identity matching and extract insights using AI-fueled efficiency for confident data-driven decision making and risk mitigation.

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What Sets Us Apart

AI understanding of names and human language

Babel Street Analytics is a set of AI-powered solutions that analyzes multilingual content, revealing hidden insights about people, organizations, events, entities, and the sentiments surrounding them.

Powerful apis Understand Identities and Reveal Connections

Extract meaning from data by obtaining answers to fundamental questions of who, what, when, and where.

Multi lingual Break Down Language Barriers

Natural language processing technologies analyze the richness and variety of words and names in 40+ languages and their scripts with consistent quality.

Automation Achieve Fast, Accurate Results

Get highly accurate matching and text analysis out of the box in a fraction of the time of other solutions, with real-time results — even across massive data sets.

Experience Scalable, Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment options enable seamless integration with existing systems via APIs and SDKs, hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

Stewardship Adaptable AI

Gain multiple paths to increased accuracy from simple configurations to a training framework that optimizes accuracy on your data in a fraction of the time required for traditional machine learning.

Source access Beyond Keyword Search

Increase the precision and recall of search by leveraging word meanings and extracting events, people, organizations, and locations.


Deeper understanding of content and identities

Address complex language challenges with specialized AI

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Name Match

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Our identity matching software increases accuracy and reduces the risks associated with matching names against sanctions, watchlists, blacklists, or any other off-the-shelf or custom data set. Using a hybrid of machine learning and linguistic algorithms, Name Match simultaneously considers numerous types of name variations to reduce false positives and false negatives, while driving efficiency across commercial and government name matching operations.

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Text Analytics

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Our product is a full text processing pipeline from data preparation to extracting the most relevant information and analysis utilizing precise, focused AI that has built-in human understanding. Text Analytics provides foundational linguistic analysis for identifying languages and relating words. The result is enriched and normalized text for high-speed search and processing without translation.

Text Analytics extracts events and entities — people, organizations, and places — from unstructured text and adds the structure of associating those entities into events that deliver only the necessary information for near real-time decision making. Accompanying tools shorten the process of training AI models to recognize domain-specific events.

The product delivers a multitude of ways to sharpen and expand search results. Semantic similarity expands search beyond keywords to words with the same meaning, even in other languages. Sentiment analysis and topic extraction help filter results to what’s relevant. 

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How will you use Babel Street Analytics?

Discuss your text analytics and identity matching challenges with one of our experts and learn how Babel Street can help. 

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