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Text Analytics

Multilingual Text Analysis for Decision Intelligence

Government and commercial organizations depend on Babel Street Text Analytics to deliver the multilingual capabilities that enable global operations and drive decision intelligence.

Mapping of Geo-Location with Social Profiles

What Sets Us Apart

Unmatched linguistic analysis, search, and entity extraction

Text Analytics provides accurate and comprehensive language analysis, extracts events and entities from unstructured text, and improves search and retrieval.

Stewardship Foundational Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Get prerequisite NLP analysis in more than 40 languages. Text that is properly normalized and analyzed enables more accurate multilingual search and advanced analyses.

Experience Entity Extraction and AI Text Analysis

Extract nearly 20 entity types, including people, organizations, and locations from unstructured text. Distinguish between similarly named entities and link them to knowledge base entries.

Source access Connect Entities in Events and Relationships

Understand the who, what, when, and where of events or relationships. Reduce analyst workload with domain- and task-specific entity and event lists that help resolve identities in near real-time.

Multi lingual Cross-lingual Search

Semantic similarity powers search across languages. The use of key phrases provides enough context to expand a search across multiple languages and receive highly relevant results.

Automation NLP-enabled Search Enhancements

Swiftly find what you need by filtering search results by people, organization, location, and the sentiment towards them. Skim search contents by viewing their concepts, key phrases, and translated names.

Powerful apis Train, Adapt Models

Use Adaptation Studio to improve accuracy with the ability to train and fine-tune models for domain-specific entities and events. Active learning and few-shot learning techniques reduce model training time to days with no coding required.


Unlock insights with precise multilingual AI text analysis

Extract insights, triage data, and conduct multilingual search. Text Analytics provides accurate and comprehensive linguistic analysis of unstructured text to enable more fully informed decision making.

Foundational NLP

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Accurately identifying languages and text encoding for language-specific analysis is a critical first step. Our comprehensive suite of linguistic analysis tools supports 40+ languages. It uses AI and NLP techniques to analyze text, with capabilities such as morphological analysis, character normalization, tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, lemmatization, noun decompounding, pronunciation of Japanese and Chinese, and more.

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Entity and Event Extraction

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Entity and event extraction are critical tools for processing massive volumes of text. With its sophisticated, five-step system, Entity Extractor provides highly accurate and customizable entity extraction, linking, and disambiguation. It includes four distinct entity recognition processors, two quantitative scores, and the market's most advanced model training system. Event Extractor detects specific events and relationships, delivering the key people, places, organizations, and dates/times mentioned. Get machine translation of entity names to English as required to overcome language barriers.

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Cross-lingual Search by Meaning

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Semantic Similarity tames information overload by enabling users to search by key phrase. Phrases avoid the ambiguity of single words and capture relevant results worded differently or in another language. It can also cluster similar documents to eliminate duplicates. The result is a manageable set of results that focuses on the most relevant information.

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Understand Sentiment and Concepts

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Sentiment Analyzer gleans positive or negative sentiment for uses such as opinion mining, market research, brand monitoring, and executive protection. Topic Extractor helps streamline data analysis by detecting the themes that run throughout the text.

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A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
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