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Babel Street Insights

Powerful PAI Intelligence Modules

Babel Street Insights delivers AI-powered search tools and modules for obtaining publicly available information (PAI) intelligence from an unparalleled set of multilingual sources — including websites, blogs, social media, and public records.

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Cutting-edge data and analytics solutions make the digital world accessible, understandable, and actionable

Powerful modules within Babel Street Insights provide unparalleled access to petabytes of publicly and commercially available data sources which may be out of reach of standard internet search engines.


Perform rapid, automated relationship exploration to discover the social media network for a topic or group and its key online influencers.

Key features include:

  • Checkmark svg Exhaustive mapping, exploration, and evaluation of the relevance of social media accounts to identify those that are listening, broadcasting, and being listened to — starting from only a few keywords or known influencer accounts
  • Checkmark svg Secure and anonymous access to information without managing personas, special credentials, or directly visiting the sites
  • Checkmark svg Ability to tag influencers with attributes (such as person or organization, location, occupation, interests, areas of influence, and communication style) that are meaningful to the investigation
  • Checkmark svg Rich visualization tools for analyzing results and detecting trends, such as relationship graphs, profile cards, data aggregations, heat maps, and word clouds
  • Checkmark svg Machine translation for keywords, search phrases, and posts for over 100 languages
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Elite Regional Access

Access meticulously curated, hard-to-reach PAI data from regions and industries of strategic interest.  

Key features include:

  • Checkmark svg Subscription service that augments Babel Street Insights with a continuous stream of regional data from hard-to-reach online sources collected through our secure, global infrastructure
  • Checkmark svg Ability to confidentially search and analyze meticulously compiled and validated data from regions such as the Middle East/Iran, Europe/Russia, and Asia/China to derive timely insights
  • Checkmark svg Reliable, timely data for visibility into critical intelligence on military posture, strategic developments, security policies and supply chain risks
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