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Six Ways Babel Street Expanded Services Drives Better, Faster Results

By Jen Snell

More relevance, more accuracy, more speed — these outcomes are crucial to spotting and managing risk before it impacts operations. Babel Street is already delivering on these goals, but threats are continually evolving, as are our customers’ objectives, constraints, and resources. That means extracting maximum value from the platform can make the difference between identifying risks early and playing catch-up after situations grow out of control.

That’s why we provide an expanded set of services that offer greater access to Babel Street experts who understand your mission, challenges, and opportunities. Since resources (including people and time) are always scarce, ensuring your threat intelligence platforms are optimized is crucial, as is getting the most from our regularly-updated capabilities.

Our Platinum, Gold, and Silver packages provide enterprises with a broad range of subject matter expertise and flexible support levels to fit customer needs. Based on our experience and research, we identified the key components that make sense for different types of organizations.

Topping the list: greater access to solutions engineers — experts available to make sure you’re always getting the most from Babel Street solutions. Our people have unmatched experience in the investigative and intelligence communities — we understand the challenges you’re dealing with because we’ve been there, digging for clues, analyzing broad sets of raw data, and making sense of disparate inputs to fuel faster, smarter decisions.

Extract more value from Babel Street solutions

Our service packages ensure you’re getting the most appropriate level of support, instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach. While every customer enjoys outstanding levels of service, the benefits of our elevated service tiers include six key opportunities such as:

  1. Solution engineers: Regular check-ins with expert solution engineers is standard procedure. Our experts guide customers through industry best practices and game-changing techniques that can drive better results, along with online trends that can affect how and where you look for data. 
  2. Babel University: We constantly enhance our library of self-paced platform training modules. Customized learning paths and added sections mean that everyone in your organization, from analysts to technical staff to decision-makers, can optimize their use of the platform — and the actionable information Babel Street uncovers.  
  3. Curated feeds: Greater access to our exclusive AI-powered solution that delivers global situational awareness with a local perspective. These curated feeds of multilingual content can keep you on top of developing situations, alerting you in real-time to unrest, natural and human-made disasters, market and economic events, and much more.  
  4. Custom dashboards: See everything clearly with configured dashboards that give you the real-time highlights — and the details — you need to stay on top of your critical priorities.
  5. Virtual training: Ensure your team is fully equipped to get the most from the Babel Street platform. Both initial and supplemental training with our experts can be conducted from anywhere.
  6. Customer advisory board:  Help prioritize, inform, and shape the product roadmap based on your vision and emerging challenges. We’re driven to support your priorities, and this is an excellent opportunity to influence the next generation of the platform.

Our solutions engineers predominantly come from analytic, investigative, and open source intelligence (OSINT) backgrounds, so we’re well-versed in the demands and challenges you face every day. Babel Street services are designed to bring that expertise to you, along with a wide range of additional benefits tailored to help you maximize the value of your investment.

Services that elevate your objectives

Your mission is our mission, just as your success is our success. Our services reflect this guiding principle to give customers the flexibility and configurations necessary to gain additional value from our deep expertise.

Every Babel Street customer receives world-class support to effectively onboard and operate our solutions. The expanded services provide the opportunity for customers to go beyond this strong base level and unlock the maximum potential from the platform in pursuit of business or organizational objectives.

Read the full press release on the expanded Babel Street services offering here.

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