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7 Things to Look for in a Name Matching Solution

Unlike other forms of data, names are highly variable. This makes name matching a unique and complex challenge for actions like verifying identities,  screening watchlists, and ensuring financial compliance. Alternative spelling, misordered components, and even nicknames can result in a missed or false match with potentially serious consequences. The product you use has far-reaching effects on whether you meet your business and mission objectives.

Organizations have turned to modern, AI-driven fuzzy name matching to solve many of these issues with accuracy, speed, and efficiency. But what should you look for when selecting a name matching solution to meet your needs? We believe that businesses and agencies using name matching must weigh seven considerations when it comes to choosing a solution.

This e-book discusses the most important criteria to consider, and provides some key questions to ask yourself and your potential vendor about product capabilities. The best name matching solution for your organization will be one that vastly improves your processes (and thus ROI) without disrupting your operations.

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