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On-Demand Webinar

Extracting Essential Meaning in Multi-Language e-Discovery

Why Meaning-Based Phrase Detection Matters to Your Case

Are you paying a fortune to translate files before e-discovery? If your files are in multiple languages, why not first reduce the number of files that need expensive translation?

Until now, keyword search has been the main method for finding relevant documents from mountains of data in e-discovery. But keyword search requires huge lists of terms, which has the effect of limiting its scope and precision. It catches too little because it doesn’t understand context or meaning.

Now there is a powerful, AI-driven methodology that will find and extract key documents containing your search phrases or concepts across multiple languages. This process uses cross-lingual semantics to find the precise meaning-based content relevant to your case. It keeps your key concepts from being lost in machine translation while boosting the speed and accuracy of e-discovery. So, rather than translating reams of documents first, you can focus translation efforts on the files that are actually pertinent to your case.

In this on demand webinar you’ll learn:

  • About a system that uses advanced semantics to do e-discovery in the native language of the document
  • How to produce more accurate and defensible results, while saving time and money 
  • How to quickly identify and prioritize the items that need full translation

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Featured Speakers

Eugene Reyes, Federal Solutions Engineer, Babel Street

Federal Solutions Engineer, Babel Street

-Eugene Reyes

Jason Boro, Esq., Strategic Partnership Development Manager, Linguistic Systems Inc.

Strategic Partnership Development Manager, Linguistic Systems Inc.

-Jason Boro, Esq.

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