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Name Matching Software Surmounts Four Major AML/KYC Challenges

Why do so many developers of financial software turn to Babel Street to meet the challenges of high-speed, high-stakes name matching?  

Partnering with Babel Street helps original equipment manufacturers build “successful revenue-generating solutions…,” according to The Partner Opportunity For Rosette Name Indexer: A Total Economic Impact™ Partner Opportunity Analysis. The analysis, commissioned by Babel Street and conducted by Forrester Consulting (which maintained editorial control over study results), calls Babel Street’s technology a “powerful and scalable name-matching solution” that contributed to the success of the products created by each company interviewed.  

If Babel Street technology is powerful enough for use as an integral component of cutting-edge financial software, imagine what it can do for banks, other FIs, and fintechs that need to improve name matching for improved AML/KYC.  

Read our ebook to learn how Babel Street can help FIs:  

  • More accurately and quickly match names in high-stakes, high velocity, AML environments
  • Better translate and transliterate individual names, managing the different languages and naming conventions used throughout the world  
  • More easily resolve and match corporate names, initialisms, and nicknames
  • Match addresses and dates regardless of format used  

Want to start improving AML/KYC at your FI? Register to read our ebook today.  

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