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Babel Street Move Faster Than Risk 3

Real-Time Insights That Can Save Lives

Move Faster Than Risk

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) offers a golden opportunity for those working on the front-lines to keep us safe. Allowing these professionals to harness the power of OSINT can boost readiness of threat prevention by collecting and interpreting real-time data to provide a clearer understanding of a crisis.

Babel Street enables our front-line intelligence and security professionals to rapidly uncover critical insights that can save lives and protect citizens through our AI-enabled, conceptual and persistent search of multilingual information around the world.

Ready to Learn More?

Download our latest white paper, "Enabling Front-Line Open-Source Intelligence Operations." In this white paper, you'll gain insight around:

  • The critical need to arm intelligence professionals with AI-powered OSINT tools
  • Specific capabilities these tools must possess to enable mission success
  • The technical challenges presented by the rapidly expanding, predominantly non-English data universe

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