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On-Demand Webinar

See How “Vanilla” Search Compares with Rosette Name Indexer for Name Screening

Too many systems that search for people — whether for watchlist screening, patient record lookup, or simply people directory search — labor under the heavy burden of search algorithms that are not built to find names. Typical approaches of retrofitting “regular search” or relying on complex rules or brute force fail.

Yet, accurate, flexible, powerful search designed to find names exists today. In this short, on-demand webinar learn and see a demonstration of how Rosette Name Indexer delivers accurate and speedy name matching. You’ll gain an understanding of how Rosette works, and see it in action. The demonstration includes:

  • Performing name searches on a “vanilla” search engine with and without Rosette Name Indexer

  • Understanding how Rosette explains the match score it assigns: how it penalized or boosted scores based on different match phenomena

  • Seeing how Rosette can deliver sophisticated, accurate fuzzy matching for cross-lingual name search 

View the on-demand webinar

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