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Market Brief

Stay One Step Ahead of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

The Power of AI to Identify & Mitigate the Risk of Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Today’s businesses are experiencing an increase in losses due to fraud. As our lives become more digital, fraud is on the rise. Fraud’s impact has serious consequences—including financial losses, damage to reputations, and legal consequences. A paradigm shift is necessary for businesses to better detect fraud.

Fraud has evolved overtime in unpredictable ways, so organizations need access to sophisticated tools and cutting-edge AI for fraud detection. Babel Street’s open-source intelligence (OSINT) solution provides an especially powerful tool for identifying and mitigating the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA).

In this Market Brief, you'll learn:

  • Why fraud, waste, and abuse are such serious issues for businesses and government operations
  • The PAI data sources that Babel Street's AI-powered platform allows your business to access
  • How Babel Street's technology can help set your organization apart to discover, decipher, and combat fraudulent activity

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