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Market Brief

Supercharge Your Visa Screening Efforts

Optimize Visa Screening with Automated Identity Verification and Risk Detection

Thousands of organizations rely on accurate and thorough background and security clearance screenings for employment and visa applications. With the total number of legal immigrants to the U.S. at its highest level ever, the importance of getting it right when it comes to the screening of visa applicants has never been more urgent or cumbersome.

Babel Street’s AI-enabled platform helps organizations continuously screen against public records, watchlists, social media presence, and other customer-selected factors to discover and decipher insights on entities that pose a potential threat in visa screenings.

In this Market Brief, you'll learn:

  • How Identity Search works and the speed to insights benefits
  • A by-the-numbers glimpse into how Babel Street’s technology optimizes the process and saves money
  • The challenges of current search and screening methods and the reach, frequency, quality and consistency that automation brings

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