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The Honest Guide to AI for Border Security

What are the biggest challenges facing your border security agency? Suboptimal name matching? Limited ability to search publicly available information (PAI)? The interminable hassle of trying to obtain insight from legacy systems that cannot communicate with each other?

AI-powered natural language processing technologies can help your agency overcome these challenges. In the process, they ease passage for legitimate travelers and cargo while empowering customs and border agents to better protect their countries.

Register now for this easy-to-understand, plain-language eBook to discover:

  • Insights from industry experts on international collaboration and the fight against malefactors crossing borders.
  • Challenges faced by legacy systems and how to overcome them.
  • What to look for in a combined name matching and publicly available information (PAI) solution.
  • The importance of AI-powered fuzzy name matching, translation capabilities, and entity resolution.

Download the ebook for free.

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