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The Honest Guide to Insider Threat Detection

Prevent and Mitigate Data Leaks with PAI Monitoring

The digital revolution makes the leak of classified information easier and more pernicious than ever before. New open-source intelligence (OSINT) platforms can help the DoD and broader intelligence community meet the challenges presented by the modern leak landscape — especially when these platforms are deployed as part of holistic insider risk management programs.  

Register for this e-book to learn how OSINT platforms can help the DoD and other agencies prevent, detect, and mitigate leaks through:

  • Social media monitoring of personnel’s online behavior
  • Continuous search of all layers of the internet — including the deep and dark web
  • Detection of cross-domain violations

These capabilities help the DoD and other agencies avoid or mitigate the damage leaks cause — including damage to national security, reputational damage, and marred international relationships.

Download the ebook for free.

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