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A Forrester TEI™ Study: The Partner Opportunity for Rosette Name Indexer

Accurate data is essential to every business, everywhere. Particularly when it comes to names, accurate matching from one source to another is a critical business function. From watchlist screening to medical records to financial compliance, a mismatched name could have potentially disastrous consequences for the business and the individual involved.  

That’s why many software providers that offer name matching functionality white label Babel Street’s Rosette® Name Indexer within their solutions. Quite simply, Rosette provides the best name matching capabilities in the market across 25+ languages and scripts, using patented algorithms for matching, analyzing, and scoring results.  

To prove this claim, in September 2023 Babel Street commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ Partner Opportunity Analysis that examines the potential business opportunity and return on investment (ROI) customers may realize by building and scaling a solution that integrates Rosette Name Indexer.  

The results were telling. A composite organization comprised of interviewees with experience using Rosette Name Indexer into their own solutions reaped significant quantitative and qualitative benefits, including: 

  • Return on investment of 82% within three years  
  • Significant increase in gross profit margin attributable to Rosette —65% 
  • Higher accuracy of name matching resulting in increased end user customer satisfaction 
  • Improved customer retention due to ongoing development of new Rosette features 

These benefits aren’t limited to software providers. Any organization can easily integrate Rosette with in-house systems to dramatically boost name matching capabilities with far less investment than building a solution from scratch.  

To learn more, explore the complete study on Rosette Name Indexer's total economic impact for partners.  

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