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Tech Brief

Understanding Match Scoring in Rosette

Is your name matching software providing match scores that you don’t understand? Do you know how, or why, it’s arriving at those scores? Many name matching solution providers don’t want you peeking under the covers – you’re just supposed to trust their algorithms.

Babel Street is different. We want you to understand how match scoring works in Rosette, and we’re happy to explain it to you. In this tech brief, you’ll learn:

  • Methods for scoring and why it’s necessary
  • How Rosette Name Indexer performs match scoring, and what makes it different
  • How to optimize match parameters for your business needs
  • Why you need a match threshold and how RNI can determine it for you

Whether you’ve just started looking for a name matching solution, or want a deeper look at how Rosette works, you’ll gain a better understanding of the value and mechanics of match scoring from this brief.

Download the ebook for free.

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