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White Paper

Using PAI to Detect Russian Disinformation

Delve into a real-world application of Babel Street Insights with our latest paper, "Using PAI to Detect Russian Disinformation" where we showcase the capabilities of our platform in identifying propaganda and disinformation campaigns.

In this study, our analysts take you on a journey through the intricate web of Russian disinformation aimed at Kyiv in the months leading up to the 2022 invasion of Ukraine. We reveal how Babel Street detected and tracked this campaign as early as January 2021, providing invaluable insights into Russia's systematic efforts to build a pretext for war.

One of the focal points of our analysis is the strategic region of Kaliningrad. Through continuous monitoring of social media content, we uncover a Kremlin-led information campaign alleging Western aggression against this Russian enclave. Our findings shed light on Moscow's tactics to manipulate public opinion, bolster domestic support, and justify aggressive actions on the international stage.

By leveraging Babel Street Insights and Synthesis, our advanced social network analysis tool, we identify key influencers and voices driving the disinformation narrative. Our persistent monitoring capabilities reveal trends, patterns, and shifts in messaging, empowering stakeholders to stay ahead of the curve.

Download this paper to learn how Babel Street Insights helps uncover the truth behind the headlines and navigate the complex landscape of modern warfare.

Download the white paper for free.

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