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On-Demand Webinar

Navigate the Compliance Labyrinth with More Effective Name Matching

FSIs operate in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment — one in which governments regularly issue new AML laws to detect new types of crimes.

To adequately and effectively comply with AML/KYC mandates, FSIs need accurate and effective name screening. However, many name matching systems now in use rely on outdated, rules-based processes and simplistic matching methods. These systems miss too many matches while alerting to too many mismatches — enabling crime and needlessly consuming costly investigative time.

Learn more about how Elastic with the Rosette plug-in can help you overcome these name matching challenges — easily delivering a highly accurate, effective solution to improve your AML/KYC processes.

This webinar covers:

  • The challenges of name screening and the existing methods
  • How Rosette and Elastic’s hybrid screening methods increase accuracy levels
  • Technology adaptability to comply to regulations.
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