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Unlock the Potential of Commercial Innovation in the Public Sector

It can be challenging for government agencies — particularly those dealing with classified data — to capitalize on emerging technologies from the commercial sector without loosening critical security and compliance controls. But those commercial technologies offer benefits like rapid deployment and cost savings over in-house development.

In this on demand webinar, former high-ranking defense and intelligence officials discuss strategies for developing the most successful innovations in technology when the public and private sectors collaborate.


  • How the intelligence community can embrace commercial innovation while protecting classified data
  • How national security agencies can work effectively with commercial technology innovators
  • What the government needs from the private sector – and vice versa – to ensure a successful relationship

Our distinguished speakers are:

  • Pat Butler, a former CIA analyst and product innovator
  • Jack Gumtow, former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) CIO
  • Farid Moussa, a former NSA senior executive and technology acquisition program pioneer

Watch the webinar now.

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