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Rosette addresses intricate languages with skill and expertise

With its exceptional natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, Rosette is proficient in handling a wide variety of intricate languages, including those that use multiple character sets such as Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Thai. ​

The language-specific tools of Rosette are supported by a team of linguistic experts, both in-house and external, ensuring that it maintains its position as a leading provider of NLP and content intelligence. ​

Additionally, Rosette continually improves and expands its language support to better serve its clients.​

Languages are counted and documented in the following ways: ​

  • Each ISO language code counts as a separate language. ​
  • The plus sign means “and counting.


ComponentWhat do you want to do?Languages supported
Rosette Name Indexer (with studio tool)Match identity24+ languages
73+ Cross-language matches
Rosette Name TranslatorMatch identity15+ language pairs
12+writing systems
Rosette Base LinguisticsAnalyze language44+ languages
Rosette Language IdentifierAnalyze language66+ languages
18+ language scripts
236+ encodings
Rosette Entity ExtractorExtract and link entities24+ languages
19+ relationship types
Rosette Event ExtractionExtract and link entities8+ languages
Model Training SuiteExtract and link entities22+ languages for Entity Extractor
8+ languages for Event Extractor
Rosette Semantic SimilarityInterpret content11+ languages
Rosette Sentiment AnalyzerInterpret content6+ language types
Rosette Topic ExtractorInterpret content1+ language (English)


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