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Insights for Investigations

AI-Powered Advantage Keeps Campus Safe​

Campus safety
The Impact
Loss of critical information or harm realized​
7 Days​
From discovery to international arrest, delivering effective and efficient operations​
Insights Unified
All necessary tools for accelerated time-to-insight within Babel Street Insights​
Customer Challenge

Picking up on threats in time to act

Understanding the Threat

Credible threat in social post is deleted

  • Checkmark svg An online forum member threatens to violently disrupt a higher education institution, mentioning names of specific people and an upcoming date
  • Checkmark svg Large law enforcement agency investigating discovered the incriminating post was deleted
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The Solution

Analysis of “time machine snapshot” of deleted post

Resolving Customer Challenges

Swift connection from post to author location thwarts threat

  • Checkmark svg Babel Street Insights provides access to ‘time machine-like’ snapshots of the deleted posts, allowing for comprehensive review and analysis​
  • Checkmark svg AI-enabled Violent Intent Detection feature quickly prioritized original post among volumes of data for human review​
  • Checkmark svg Geo-enabled location provided access to author’s location, enabling accurate and swift response
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How will you use Babel Street?

Let’s talk about how your organization can benefit from AI-powered data to mitigate risk and maximize your efficiency and decision-making.

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