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Match Identity for AML/KYC Compliance

Transforming Multilingual AML/KYC & Identity Verification

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The Impact
Reduction in False Positives
Results Accelerated
Drastically decreased costs by reducing manual review
Confidence Built
Maintained customer trust in automation with continuous reliability in results

Customer Challenge

Reduce false positives in AML/KYC screenings

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Understanding the Threat

Lessening risk and labor of regulatory obligations

  • Checkmark svg DOKS digitizes screening for major financial institutions, bookkeepers, attorneys, and brokers for easing burdensome, high-stakes screening
  • Checkmark svg Mistakes in verifying UBOs and electronic IDs result in punitive fines and reputational damage. False positives burden clients
  • Checkmark svg Challenge was to reduce client risk and time needed for regulatory obligations

The Solution

Configurable, transparent match scoring is key

Resolving Customer Challenges

Accurate, multilingual screening enables automation

  • Checkmark svg Match Identity integrated with existing system for faster, more accurate multilingual screening
  • Checkmark svg DOKS customers configure thresholds to meet their requirements and balance false positives/negatives
  • Checkmark svg Match scoring is transparent and explainable to third-party audits
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