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Insights for Situational Awareness

Rapid Response Neutralizes Threat to Sporting Event

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The Impact
2 hours
From discovery to case closed
Reduction in time required to identify the subject
Insights Unified
All necessary tools for accelerated time-to-insight within Babel Street Insights

Customer Challenge

Rapid assessment of potential threat

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Understanding the Threat

Threat to sporting event: Real or not?

  • Checkmark svg Large-scale law enforcement agency detected a potential violent threat to a national sporting event on social media that was inciting a growing number of interactions
  • Checkmark svg Agency needed to quickly assess severity of the threat

The Solution

All-in-one: threat detection to resolution

Resolving Customer Challenges

Making the connections to swiftly defuse threat

  • Checkmark svg Babel Street Insights data stream collection and filtering focused on event keywords and locations (venue, neighborhood); applied keyword proximity to refine results
  • Checkmark svg Agency was able to rapidly identify author’s location, email, and phone number through Insights comprehensive public records and open-source search
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