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Insights for Investigations

Accelerating Investigations from Months to Minutes

Private intelligence listing
The Impact
Buyers detected, instantly expanding the investigation
Efficiency improvement in identifying narcotics web, from 3 months to 3 minutes
Laser Focused
“[Insights] allows us to optimize our investigations into specific windows of time and is providing significantly more than our other AdTech platforms.”
Customer Challenge

Expanding drug investigation from one data point

Understanding the Threat

Tracking network of known drug dealer

  • Checkmark svg Private intelligence firm working in government and commercial sector
  • Checkmark svg Investigation targeting illegal narcotic sales in the US
  • Checkmark svg Goal was to determine the extent of a known dealer's network
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The Solution

Location intelligence accelerates investigation

Resolving Customer Challenges

Huge increase of leads from drug sales location

  • Checkmark svg Insights mapped geolocation polygons around known drug sales location
  • Checkmark svg Pinpointed specific day and time of narcotic sales
  • Checkmark svg Locate the web of distribution for the dealer
A map of the earth with pinned locations
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