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Match Identity for Healthcare Operations

Streamlining Care Coordination for Millions​

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The Impact
Estimated savings for automating ID of duplicate records​
Reduction in manual review and admin tasks​
Increased accuracy and efficiency as users can always find what they are looking for​

Customer Challenge

An inability to locate client records by name hinders coordination of care

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Understanding the Threat

Duplicate records caused by “not found” records

  • Checkmark svg Unite Us enables coordinated care for more than 18.7 million Americans​
  • Checkmark svg Limited to only using patient name and date of birth to find and link records​
  • Checkmark svg Records were not being found due to nicknames, typos, and misspellings which often led to the creation of duplicate records​

The Solution

AI-enabled name matching consistently finds the right name

Resolving Customer Challenges

Dramatic decrease in duplicate records improves client outcomes

  • Checkmark svg Match Identity, equipped with intelligent fuzzy name matching, enables ​the right name to be found consistently​
  • Checkmark svg Connects records without the need for sensitive Social Security numbers ​
  • Checkmark svg Eliminates duplicate record creation
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