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Rosette Extract and Link Information

Discern Connections with Entity Extraction and Linking

Rosette Extract and Link Information is an entity extraction solution for use by government and businesses who want to take identity discovery to the next level.

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What Sets Us Apart

Harness the full potential of unstructured text

Extract and Link Information empowers you to extract valuable insights from multilingual unstructured text. Answer important questions around who, what, where, and when.

Source access Link Multiple Mentions of the Same Entity

Consolidate multiple mentions of the same entity to one to simplify your text and enhance the results of further analysis like event identification and sentiment analysis.

Source access Broad Entity Type Extraction and Analysis

Extract nearly 20 entity types, including people, organizations, and locations to add structured text, gain deeper insights, and understand complex connections.

Source access Train and Fine-tune Entity Models

Improve performance with the flexibility to train and fine-tune models on entities that are specific to your domain. Use an intuitive interface with no coding required.

Source access Multiple Technologies Boost Accuracy and Speed

A coordinated ensemble of machine learning and NLP technologies specifically suited to each entity type achieves unmatched accuracy and speed.

Source access Build Event Models with Minimal Training Data

Rosette Model Training Studio is an active-learning-powered tool that enables you to create accurate models with minimal training data. Extract events tailored to your domain, event type, and use case.

Source access Ready-to-Use Knowledge Base

Leverage the built-in Wikidata knowledge base of over 100 million items for richer and more comprehensive analysis of extracted entities.

How can we help you with entity extraction?

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Product Features

Quickly identify what matters from unstructured text

Entity and event extraction are critical tools for processing massive volumes of text. Their uses span intelligence operations, eDiscovery, law enforcement, voice-of-the-customer analysis, and fraud detection, among others. Rosette Entity Extractor and Event Extractor deliver actionable insights and transform data into a strategic asset.

Effortlessly Identify and Categorize Entities

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With its sophisticated, five-step system, Rosette Entity Extractor provides highly accurate and customizable entity extraction, linking, and disambiguation. It includes four distinct entity recognition processors, two quantitative scores, and the market's most advanced model training system.

Harness Events for Intelligent Alerting

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Rosette Event Extractor is an add-on to Rosette Entity Extractor that detects specific events and delivers the key people, places, organizations, and dates/times mentioned.

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A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
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Top Reasons Customers Choose Rosette

  • Checkmark svg Depth and breadth of global languages
  • Checkmark svg Flexible full stack or add-on solution, including air-gapped systems
  • Checkmark svg Specialization in identity
  • Checkmark svg Unique machine learning and AI
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How will you use Rosette Extract and Link Information?

Discuss your entity and event extraction and linking requirements with one of our experts.
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