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Interpret Content

Understand Your Text Data with Content Analytics

Government and commercial organizations that need a deep understanding of the meaning of words depend on Rosette Interpret Content.

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What Sets Us Apart

Transform information into a strategic asset

Interpret Content powers semantic search for large volumes of text. Instead of focusing on keywords, Rosette considers word meaning for more relevant results.

Automation Broaden Search Without Compromising Relevancy

Expose common themes within text when you search for semantically similar words. Rosette provides search-by-meaning capabilities across multiple languages.

Automation Get AI That Empowers Actionable Insights

State-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms and deep linguistic analysis capture nuanced similarities, pre-filter sentiment, and categorize topics.

Automation Flexible and Customizable Models

Custom models and field training kits help fine tune analysis for better results based on specific domain or industry requirements.

How can we help you interpret content?

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Product Features

Streamline content analytics for faster time to insights

Rosette Interpret Content consists of three components — Semantic Similarity, Sentiment Analyzer, and Topic Extractor — for a complete customizable and multilingual content analytics solution.

Precisely Identify the Most Relevant Documents

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Rosette Semantic Similarity tames information overload by enabling users to search across large collections of documents for terms that are related by meaning. It helps isolate the most relevant documents by clustering the ones that are most similar and eliminating duplicates. The result is a manageable set of results that focuses on the most relevant information.

Effortlessly Understand Sentiment

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Rosette Sentiment Analyzer enables you to monitor data streams for positive or negative sentiment for uses such as opinion mining, market research, brand monitoring, and executive protection.

Highlight Key Concepts

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Rosette Topic Extractor helps you streamline data analysis by detecting the themes that run throughout the text. It automatically identifies key phrases within documents and implicit concepts to quickly provide the gist of the content.

A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it

Top Reasons Customers Choose Rosette

  • Checkmark svg Depth and breadth of global languages
  • Checkmark svg Flexible full stack or add-on solution, including air-gapped systems
  • Checkmark svg Specialization in identity
  • Checkmark svg Specialization in identity
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How will you use Rosette Interpret Content?

Discuss your content analytics requirements with one of our experts.
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