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Use Cases

AI-enabled Border Security

AI-enhanced decision-making for commerce, travel, and entry.


Million daily watch list checks are powered by Babel Street

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The Situation

Unsafe borders endanger citizens and stifle economic growth

Combining the power of publicly available information (PAI) with an AI-based name matching solution can save lives and protect what matters most.

The Challenge

Cross-border activity has grown in both volume and complexity in recent years, but the goal remains the same — facilitating the movement of legitimate goods and travelers while keeping a country safe from harm. At the same time, the complexity of cross-border activity has expanded with the rise of global ecommerce and the increasing number of complex trade laws.

Border security professionals need to make rapid decisions at points of entry to disrupt the flow of illegal goods and persons, but outdated technology and limited data sources hinder their efforts. Multilingual data poses additional challenges for detecting and preventing terrorism, transnational crime, cybercrime, intellectual property theft, and counterfeit goods — all of which threaten a nation, its businesses, and its citizens.

The Babel Street Solution

Advances in AI make it possible to streamline and scale cross-border screening prior to and during entry, while incorporating multilingual PAI and text analytics for enhanced decision making.

Babel Street’s AI-enabled analytics technology offers repeatable processes for automatically screening entities against public records, watchlists, social media presence, and other factors.

Babel Street Insights helps you discover and decipher insights on entities that pose a threat or show evidence of IP infringements, theft, and economic espionage. Further exploration can isolate signals, proximity, and clusters of exit or entry.

Rosette makes it possible to rapidly screen names against watchlists with unprecedented accuracy across multiple languages and scripts.

The Impact on Your Organization

Employing Babel Street Insights and Rosette's machine learning-powered approach can significantly enhance your border security operations:

Increase Efficiency: Save significant time and resources while freeing your officers to focus on more critical tasks by using our AI-enabled technology for automated screening against multiple data sources in real-time.

Enhance Safety: Make informed decisions faster with more accurate and comprehensive data. Achieve more effective disruption of illegal activity and increased overall safety.

Drive Consistent Results: Ensure a higher degree of consistency in screening and decision-making processes compared to manual methods. Our AI-powered approach reduces the risk of human error and missed threats.

Promote Economic Vitality: Pave the way for a secure economic environment with the swift and precise interception of illegal activities. This protection promotes growth by encouraging legitimate trade and travel.

Multilingual Capabilities: Screen names across multiple languages and scripts, ensuring no potential threat is missed, regardless of the origin of the data.

Babel Street border security solutions enhance the effectiveness of officers working to safeguard your borders, so you can promote your country's safety and economic health while enforcing laws with greater consistency and less risk. 

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The Babel Street Difference

Keeping borders safe and secure requires the best technology on the market

  • Multilingual and Multicultural

    Discover and retrieve relevant documents across hundreds of languages, with cultural context and translation into your native language

  • Data Enrichment at Scale

    Process massive volumes of unstructured text by extracting locations, analyzing sentiments, classifying topics, and detecting violent intent

  • Identify Relationships

    Gain greater understanding of specific individuals, linkages and networks, illicit activity, and more

  • AI and ML-Enabled Name Matching

    Process millions of names against watchlists, and tune name matching parameters to align with your risk profile

  • Out-of-the-Box Models and Ontologies

    Get pre-built, domain-specific AI models and ontologies to increase time to value and time to insights

  • Ad Tech Telemetry Data

    Locate and track persons of interest (POIs) to increase geographical understanding around movements

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