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Border Security

Improved decision-making for commerce, travel, and entry.


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The Situation

Unsafe borders create major safety risks

Harnessing the power of publicly available information with an AI-based, technologically advanced solution can save lives and protect what matters most.

The Challenge

Cross-border activity has grown in both volume and diversity in recent years, but the ultimate goal remains the same — facilitating the beneficial movement of legitimate goods, travel, and citizens while keeping a country safe from harm. The complexity of cross-border activity has expanded with the rise of global ecommerce and the increasing number of complex U.S. and international trade laws.

Disrupting the flow of illegal goods and persons at points of entry is a top priority for the security of every nation. The consequences of unsafe borders are significant — terrorism, transnational crime, cybercrime, intellectual property theft, and unsafe products — all of which threaten a nation, its businesses, and its citizens.

The Babel Street Solution

The key to border enforcement is efficiently balancing the volume and vigilance of customs, visas, and global entry programs to facilitate legitimate trade and transit of people across borders. A streamlined and scalable approach to cross-border screening to identify in-country or foreign threats requires the inclusion of publicly available information (PAI) from a diverse set of data sources from around the world in 200+ languages.

Babel Street’s analytics platform offers an AI-enabled repeatable process to automatically screen entities against public records, watchlists, social media presence, and other customer-selected factors to discover and decipher insights on entities that pose a threat or show evidence of IP infringements, theft, and economic espionage. Further exploration can isolate signals, proximity, and clusters of exit or entry. All insights are automatically translated into your native language and presented in a single pane of glass.

The Impact on Your Organization

The machine learning (ML) powered approach delivered by the Babel Street platform is a force multiplier to enforce the laws of the land while doing more, with greater consistency, in less time, with less risk.

Trade and entry enforcement, aided by the powerful Babel Street Insights platform, helps governments and citizens directly ensure a country’s safety and economic vitality. The brave men and women working to keep borders safe can dramatically increase their effectiveness and improve overall decision-making with the aid of our Border Security solutions.

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The Babel Street Difference

Keeping borders safe and secure requires the best technology on the market

  • Multi-Language Smart Search

    Discover and retrieve relevant documents across hundreds of languages, gaining effortless contextual translation into your native language

  • Data Enrichment at Scale

    Language detection, location extraction, sentiment, topic classification, violent intent detection, and ontological entity identification

  • Persons of Interest (POIs)

    Gain greater understanding of specific individuals, linkages and networks, illicit activity, and more

  • AI and ML-Enabled Technologies

    Process millions of documents a day for near real-time indexing and search

  • Deduped Data

    Removes redundancy for streamlined efficiency during analysis

  • Ad Tech Telemetry Data

    Locate and track POIs to increase geographical understanding around movements

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