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AI-powered Law Enforcement Intelligence

AI-powered solutions that break open investigations and aid the people who keep us safe.


Decrease in costs for single-entity resolution

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Law Enforcement Solutions

Keeping the watch. Serving the mission.

The pursuit of criminal justice requires advanced technological tools that levels the playing field.

Counter-Narcotics Activity

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Using Babel Street's platform of tools, investigators can gain a deeper understanding of drug-related crime, build stronger cases for search warrants, and potentially prevent related criminal activity.

Human Trafficking Investigations

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Human trafficking is difficult to detect — and requires an always-on vigilant approach by law enforcement. The Babel Street Insights platform serves as a powerful ally in the investigative process needed to prevent this crime and bring bad actors to justice.

Border Security

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Babel Street offers an AI-enabled repeatable process to automatically screen entities against public records, watchlists, social media presence, and other customer-selected factors to discover and decipher insights on entities that pose an entry threat or show evidence of IP infringements, theft, economic espionage, or harbor other harmful intentions.

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Investigations

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Babel Street’s open-source intelligence (OSINT) solutions provide an especially powerful tool for identifying and mitigating the risk of FWA. We develop a complete and accurate picture of a situation, individual, or network of bad actors that is vital to eliminating the activity in question.

Situational Awareness

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Sustained situational awareness powered by the Babel Street Insights platform provides notification of emerging threats in order to understand their importance and determine and know the right countermeasures.

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“The Babel Street platform is an incredible law enforcement tool that sharpens targeted operations for police departments facing upticks in violence and recruitment and retention issues."

David P. Glaser, Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army

David P. Glaser

Major General (Ret.) U.S. Army; former Provost Marshal General of the Army

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