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OSINT & Threat Intelligence Software

The actionable insights you need are hiding in plain sight.


of U.S. National Security Agencies have partnered with Babel Street

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The Situation

You can’t neutralize a threat until you know it exists

Publicly available information is a force multiplier for intelligence operatives in the Five Eyes Alliance and beyond.

The Challenge

Sophisticated technologies and ubiquitous data have enabled both interconnectedness and vulnerability around the world — and have given rise to a variety of threats by foreign powers intent on doing harm to other nations. Traditional threats to democracy or a nation’s critical infrastructure or supply chain are well known, but hybrid threats are not easily defined or detected and allow adversaries to take advantage of cyber ambiguity. In this evolving national security environment, counterintelligence analysts must decipher threats quickly and devise strategies to neutralize them. 

The Babel Street Solution

Intelligence professionals need unabridged access to the advantages modern technology provides. The Babel Street Insights platform offers an AI-enabled cross-lingual, persistent search of thousands of global and regional PAI sources in over 200 languages to rapidly discover and decipher foreign threats. Machine learning algorithms extract insights such as Russia’s political interference, China’s growing presence in Africa, and Iran’s increasing cyber threats. Counterintelligence may require pivoting among a broad search, a company search, and a mobile telemetry search to potentially identify signals and proximity, persons of interest, or to pinpoint perimeters of risk. Insights are translated into your native language in seconds and organized in a single pane of glass for deeper analysis and action.

The Impact on Your Organization

Threat intelligence that draws on the power of open-source intelligence (OSINT) distilled into timely, actionable insights is crucial to safeguarding a nation’s interests, including democracy, freedom, and economic well-being. Babel Street's solutions deliver:

  • Advanced social media capabilities
  • Social network analysis (SNA)
  • Commercial telemetry data
  • Knowledge visualization and collaboration

These capabilities arm intelligence professionals and analysts with a powerful collection of tools that enable them to take the right action in time to make a difference. When every second counts, you can count on Babel Street.

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The Babel Street Difference

Open-source intelligence and threat identification has never been this advanced

  • Multi-Language Smart Search

    Discover and retrieve relevant documents across hundreds of languages, gaining effortless contextual translation into your native language

  • Data Enrichment at Scale

    This includes language detection, location extraction, sentiment, topic classification, violent intent detection, and ontological entity identification

  • Persons of Interest (POIs) & Groups of Interest (GOIs)

    Gain greater understanding of specific individuals or groups of bad actors, linkages and networks, illicit activity, and more

  • Deduped Data

    Removes redundancy for streamlined efficiency during analysis

  • AI and ML-Enabled Technologies

    Process millions of documents a day for near real-time indexing and search

  • Ad Tech Telemetry Data

    Locate and track POIs/GOIs to increase geographical understanding around movements

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