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Babel Street Insights

Empowering Defense, Intelligence, and Business Operations

AI and data analytics products that enable users to search, aggregate, and integrate data regardless of source, language, and format.

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What Sets Us Apart

Accelerated Investigations with AI-powered OSINT Tools

Babel Street Insights delivers integrated AI-powered open source intelligence (OSINT) tools for obtaining and analyzing publicly available information (PAI) from an unparalleled set of multilingual sources.

Check Analysis-ready Data

Conduct confidential investigations or persistently monitor petabytes of enriched PAI — including curated data and the deep/dark web — in 200+ languages.

Source access Identity Investigations

From a name or email, get a multidimensional profile that uses PAI to resolve an individual’s offline and online presence, then launch a batch search of the found IDs.

Stewardship Social Media Network and Influencer Analysis

From keywords or a few accounts, map the social media network of a topic or group and identify the key influencers within minutes.

Multi lingual Location Analytics

Enhance situational awareness, support investigations, and uncover patterns of life around locations of interest.

Automation Ultra-rare Insights

Remove data blind spots by leveraging meticulously collected and curated data from hard-to-reach sources within regions of strategic interest for timely insights.

Powerful apis Multilingual Smart Search

Remove global language barriers through AI-enabled smart search that expands queries to 200+ languages and offers results with on-demand machine translation.


The standard for AI-enabled data insights

Babel Street Insights delivers robust PAI/CAI that enables law enforcement, national security, financial compliance, and border security professionals to stay ahead in an ever-changing world.

Document Search

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Gain immediate access to billions of documents for instant indexing and search, and easily refine focus areas with on-demand iterative search and generative AI for the most relevant information.

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People Search

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Leverage a rich trove of publicly available data sources on people to build a profile for a subject of interest and resolve identities across online and offline accounts for a complete picture.

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Perform rapid, automated relationship exploration to discover the social media network for a topic or group and its key online influencers.

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Elite Regional Access

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Access meticulously curated, hard-to-reach data from regions and industries of strategic interest.

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How will you use Babel Street Insights?

Let’s talk about how your organization can benefit from AI-powered data to mitigate risk and maximize your efficiency and decision-making.

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