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Insider Threat Detection

Monitor for insider threats and vulnerabilities.



Insider threats do not discriminate, permeating all industries and corporations of all sizes – and the recent paradigm shift to a virtual workforce has created an even more vulnerable environment.


While the majority of threats are generated from employee negligence, with workers sharing confidential information over insecure infrastructure, malicious insider threats are the most financially damaging for a corporation.


Regardless whether it is a malicious or accidental threat, either type of threat can cripple a company’s infrastructure and cause significant monetary and reputational loss; or may also cause productivity loss and/or have compliance implications.


Our Solution

Babel Street’s analytics platform offers an AI-enabled cross-lingual, persistent search of thousands of global and regional PAI sources around the world in over 200 languages to rapidly discover and decipher insights on indicators of malicious behavior or insider threats.

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Babel Street empowers teams with actionable insights to monitor for threats and vulnerabilities and minimize harm to the organization.

  • Insider threats
  • Persons of interest (POIs) 
  • Groups of interest (GOIs)
  • Linkages
  • Consumer sentiment
  • Loss prevention
  • Brand reputation impact
  • Images of interest
  • Disgruntled employees/customers
  • Compromised IP

Business Impact

Constant vigilance acts as an early warning system to identify suspicious activity and allows for the best security countermeasures to guard against future insider risks.