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On-Demand Webinar

Information & Insider Intelligence: Understanding & Responding to Global Chinese Influence

Available for a limited time only.

Being Prepared for What Lies Ahead in the Foreign Threat Analysis Space

In this exclusive on-demand webinar hear from a panel of Babel Street executives and distinguished retired military leaders on the complex challenges today’s Operations and Intelligence leaders face in understanding and responding to China’s actions in a modern and productive geopolitical context. During the 1-hour webinar, we cover key developments, emerging trends and success stories, while exploring what's next in understanding the unique relationship between China and the information technology paradigms that help define it.

Throughout the discussion, you’ll learn why publicly available information (PAI), is key to understanding intent and helping to make more timely and informed decisions. With the multitude of disorganized data across the internet, and in many languages beyond Chinese, it is difficult to glean the necessary context for proper decision-making on everything from China’s future microchip development to the country’s next steps in foreign investment or economic assistance. To declutter and operationalize this information, public sector officials require unencumbered access to the latest tools, technologies and best practices as they prepare their teams for what lies ahead in the foreign threat analysis space.

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Featured Speakers

Robert (Bob) Ashley, Lieutenant General (Ret.), U.S. Army

Lieutenant General (Ret.), U.S. Army; former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

-Robert (Bob) Ashley

Mark R. Quantock, Major General (Ret.); EVP of Strategic Accounts, Babel Street

Major General (Ret.); EVP of Strategic Accounts, Babel Street

-Mark R. Quantock

McDaniel Wicker, VP of Strategy, Babel Street

VP of Strategy, Babel Street

-McDaniel Wicker

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