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Reducing Errors and Risk in Financial Payments With AI Name Matching

Case Study

KOHO is a fintech company that is building better financial solutions for all Canadians by democratizing the way people manage, spend and save their money. The idea behind KOHO is simple: a digital free spending and savings account, powered by a prepaid Mastercard, where users get instant cash back and earn interest every time they make a purchase. 

As KOHO continues to grow and supports more direct payroll deposits and transfer payments to cardholder accounts, it’s critical that it ensures the right customers receive their money. KOHO is proud to work with Rosette by Babel Street, an AI-based name matching solution, to automate matching decisions and improve overall efficiency. It replaced a previous in-house matching solution which required manual intervention to correct name matching errors.

In this webinar, Yan Matagne, former Senior Manager of Payments at KOHO, and Vamsi Koduru, former Director of Identity Analytics at Babel Street, will discuss KOHO’s journey with Rosette. They’ll explore KOHO’s initial challenges, what led them to select Rosette, and how the system has dramatically decreased errors and improved search performance. Attendees will hear:

  • The challenges KOHO was facing around name matching

  • Why KOHO selected Rosette

  • Details around implementing and tuning the system

  • Results after one year of operation

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