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Scaling Trust in Finance and Payments Using AI

AI is no longer a science fair project but has become integral to the operations of public and private sector institutions as the fabric of the applications people use to deliver value every day.  Rapid digitization has created a deluge of data. Organizations need to be able to triage information, figure out what and who is important, and manage risk. There is an expectation by regulators, governments, and businesses that organizaations use AI to extract valuable insights, discover connections, and understand identity to manage this risk.  ​ Dr. Catherine Havasi, Chief of Innovation and Technology Strategy at Babel Street discusses: 

  • Why truly knowing the customer is critical to understanding risk and engendering trust 
  • The data problem and the opportunity that comes from understanding the true identity of entities involved in a transaction as the global scale of payments grows 
  • Proven and emerging techniques in AI/ML and user interface design 
  • Challenges in using AI for identity verification and how to address them 
  • How AI can be used to optimize and automate building a true picture of identity now and in the future 

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