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An Adaptable Text Analytics and Identity Matching Platform

AI that understands human language is critical to verifying identity, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime.

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AI text analytics for human language

The Rosette platform enables customers to match identities, analyze languages, extract and link information, and interpret content.

Source access Understand Identities and Reveal Connections

Businesses and governments seek better, smarter, and faster ways to extract meaning from torrents of data. Rosette answers fundamental questions of who, what, when, and where.

Source access Break Down Language Barriers

Rosette natural language processing recognizes the richness and variety of words and names in multiple languages and scripts, and their use across cultures.

Source access Achieve Fast, Accurate Results

Get highly accurate matching and text analysis out of the box in a fraction of the time of other solutions, with real time results — even across massive data sets.

Source access Scalable, Flexible Deployment Options

Configurable and highly scalable, Rosette works with virtually any data input and output, across platforms, on-premises or in the cloud — the way you need it to.

Source access Adaptable AI

Rosette offers flexible configuration to easily increase accuracy. To optimize accuracy, leverage the Model Training Suite to adapt the AI to your data.

Source access Integrate With Existing Systems

Rosette is easily integrated with your current applications via APIs that allow optimization without costly system replacement.

Small Footprint, Big Benefits

Rapid implementation and configuration

With its lightweight components, Rosette enables you to uncover valuable information, make informed decisions, and address complex language challenges — without disrupting existing systems.

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Rosette Platform Benefits

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Platform Features

Flexible text analytics

Rosette can be purchased as a complete platform or as components over time to address distinct AI text analytics functions. You can start with what you need and scale as you grow.

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Match Identity

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Rosette name screening technology increases accuracy and reduces the risks associated with matching names to watchlists. Using a hybrid of machine learning and linguistic algorithms, Rosette simultaneously considers numerous types of name variations to reduce false positives and false negatives, while driving efficiency across commercial and government name matching operations.

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Analyze Language

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Enriching unstructured text with basic linguistic information is the first step when searching or extracting insights from text. Rosette provides foundational text analysis for identifying languages and then enriches and normalizes text for high-speed search and processing without translation.

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Extract and Link Information

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Rosette extracts key pieces of information — people, organizations, and places, plus events — from unstructured text and links them to real-life entities of interest. Accompanying tools drastically shorten the process of training AI models to recognize events specific to your mission.

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Interpret Content

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Rosette gives you a multitude of ways to sharpen and expand search results. Semantic similarity expands search beyond keywords to words with the same meaning, even in other languages. Sentiment analysis and topic categorization help filter results to what’s relevant.

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How will you use Rosette?

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